After a year of being temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the chapel is re-opening for Sunday morning services from Easter Sunday (4th April 2021). In order to meet government 'Covid Secure' rules and guidelines, space will be limited so it is necessary to pre-book. Subject to space availability, everyone is welcome, so please contact us if you would like to reserve a place. Please let us know if you plan to come regularly so that we can reserve you a permanent seat, without the need to contact us each week.

Please note that whilst these restrictions remain in place, our services will be rather different to what we usually experience. In particular:-

  1. Face masks must be worn at all times unless you have a valid exemption.
  2. Hand sanitisation will be required particularly when entering and leaving the building. (Hand sanitisers and face masks will be available).
  3. We will need to open 2 windows to ensure adequate ventilation, so please ensure you wear warm clothing when the weather is colder.
  4. Social distancing must be observed and you will not be able to move about the Chapel or socialise with other members of the congregation after the service.
  5. Singing is not permitted and church Bibles and songbooks must be packed away. We will play pre-recorded hymns/songs, which you are allowed to quietly hum along to, if you wish. The Bible readings and the words of the hymns/songs will be projected onto the screen, but you may bring your own Bible if you wish to do so, provided you take it home with you.
  6. There will be no refreshments after the service, but you can bring a drink with you, if you wish (though not food). 
  7. Children will be welcome at the services, but must remain seated with their parents/carers and chapel toys/puzzles etc will not be available. Initially, we will not be able to run Sunday School, but we are keeping abreast of Government guidance to see when this might be able to restart.

We respectfully ask you to agree to the conditions of attendance before attending the service. Despite the unusual circumstances, which are designed to protect everyone present, we trust you will know much blessing from God through attending a service. 

We have conducted a full risk assessment. The following is a summary of the key points:-


Rudgwick Chapel

Period of Assessment: 27 October 2020 to 28th March 2021

Purpose – To ensure that use of the Chapel (including the kitchen and toilets) is prepared to be as secure as possible, to inhibit the spread of the Coronavirus. These actions to be taken before the Chapel is to be opened on Easter Sunday (4th April 2021) and during its use. This document summarises the key points - see document Rudgwick Chapel Covid-19 Risk Assessment.xlsx for detailed assessment of risks.

Risks: That a person infected with COVID-19 attends an event, risking infection of others including those who are clinically vulnerable, by physical contact, airborne particles, surfaces or shared objects.

1.    Attendance/Booking
Attendance to be by pre-booking. The invitation letter will include the required advice to those shielding and those who are clinically vulnerable, though ultimately it is their decision whether to attend. Those who wish to attend will need to agree to the conditions for their attendance. Anyone with Covid symptoms or tested positive to stay away. Regular attendees can book a permanent place (unless they notify otherwise). Others need to book for each visit. Bookings only accepted up to maximum Covid Secure capacity. Seating plan prepared according to expected attendees and family groups.

2.    Arrival
Frontage to be marked with 2 metre lines. Steward to ensure social distancing maintained. Attendees will need to wear face masks and use hand sanitiser on entry – hand sanitiser and a supply of disposable masks will be made available in the porch. Steward to look out for Covid-19 symptoms and take diplomatic action. 

3.    Seating
Pre-defined seating according to expected attendees. Seats pre-arranged to be at least 1 metre apart, except for family groups. Steward to direct people to their seats, ensuring social distancing at all times. 2 metre lines marked down aisle. Attendees to keep personal belongings, including coats etc. with them.

4.    Ventilation/Heating
Two windows to be kept open – one each side. At least one entrance door (inside and out) to be left open unless weather is very cold. Except in warm weather, Chapel to be pre-heated and heaters left on until congregation have left. Attendees advised to wear warm clothing. 

5.    Hand Sanitising
As well as the hand sanitiser in the porch, other hand sanitisers to be made available in the chapel.

6.    Register of Attendees
Steward to maintain a register of attendees at each service. In the case of symptoms developing in an attendee, the elder must be informed immediately, so that action can be taken to invoke the required contact tracing process.

7.    Service Leader / Preacher etc.
The service leader, the preacher and anyone else speaking from the platform will not need to wear a face mask whilst they are speaking from the lectern. The lectern will be positioned at least 2 metres from the front row of seats and may have a perspex screen in front of it.

8.    Welcome Announcement
As part of the welcome at the beginning of the service, attendees will be reminded of the conditions of attendance and given instructions about socialising and leaving the service.

9.    Offerings
Cash and cheques may be placed in the offering box. It will not be counted for 72 hours.

10.    Leaving the Service
There will be no socialising on the chapel premises (inside or outside) after the service. Attendees will be advised of this and reminded to maintain social distancing once they have left the chapel. People to leave one row at a time from rear of chapel first. Steward to supervise exit to maintain social distancing, ensuring the exit is kept clear and provide hand sanitiser to attendees as they leave.

11.    Catering
No general access to kitchen. No food or water available. People to bring their own drink (but not food) as required. Everyone to be asked to take their waste home with them

12.    Hymn Books, Bibles & Singing
Chapel hymn books and bibles will be packed away and not used. People to be encouraged to bring their own bible. There will be no live music. Pre-recorded hymns/songs will be played and the words projected on to the screen. Singing is not permitted, though quiet humming is allowed. There will be no congregational speaking (e.g. prayers, readings or responses). Members of the congregation may be invited to read or pray from the platform.

13.    Cleansing & Cleaning
Chapel will be cleaned monthly. A cleaning schedule will be agreed with the cleaner – midweek, if possible. Cleaner to wear disposable gloves and ensure touchable surfaces cleaned appropriately. Bins to have disposable liners and disposed of in usual non-recycling bins. Any goods delivered to the Chapel will be cleaned before opening/use.

14.    Toilet facility
Access to toilet via side path. No access to toilet via kitchen, except under supervision of steward (e.g. bad weather or infirmity). Toilet door to be left open when vacant and people to wait, socially-distanced, in Chapel frontage until any previous occupant has come up the path. Children to be accompanied to toilet by parent/carer. User must use hand sanitiser before entering and use antibacterial wipes to clean all touch surfaces before leaving. Dispose of wipes etc. in bins. 

15.    Communion
Pre-cut bread and wine to be hygienically prepared into separate glasses and distributed in trays by one person wearing face mask and disposable gloves.

16.    Computer and PA Equipment etc.
Only to be used/moved by elder or stewards. Each item to be handled by a single person, if possible – otherwise disposable gloves to be worn.

17.    Children
Children to remain seated with parents/carers and accompanied by them to toilet. No Sunday School until government rules allow. Toys will be packed away.

We look forward to welcoming you!